The mole: a pure number

The mole: a pure number

The current definitions of ‘mole’ and ‘amount of substance’ are discussed. It is shown that, if the concept of ‘amount of substance’ is eliminated as a base quantity and ‘mole’ is redefined as a mere synonym for the Avogadro number, significant clarification and simplifications ensue:

  • such phrases as ‘molar mass’, ‘molar volume’ and​ ‘molar enthalpy’ can (and should) be discarded as (misleading, mole-specific) synonyms for ‘entitic mass’, ‘entitic volume’ and​ ‘entitic enthalpy’, respectively;
  • the dalton becomes a legitimate unit of both molecular mass and molar mass;
  • the ‘ideal-gas constant’ R is redundant with the Boltzmann constant;
  • the Faraday constant can also be discarded as an alternative expression of the elementary charge e;
  • the ‘Avogadro constant’ turns out to be trivial, since it is equal to the number 1.

Everyday use of ‘mol’ in the field of chemistry is essentially unaffected in this new viewpoint. One will continue expressing concentrations in mol ∕ ℓ and using decimolar solutions.



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